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Discover Micro Breweries In Cabo And Baja Sur

Los Cabos’ Microbreweries: A Craft Beer Tasting Tour

When you think of Los Cabos, pristine beaches and delicious Mexican cuisine likely come to mind. However, there’s another delightful aspect of this Mexican paradise that’s rapidly gaining popularity – its microbrewery scene. Los Cabos’ microbreweries offer a refreshing twist to your vacation, and in this article, we invite you to embark on a craft beer tasting tour, complete with relevant links to help you explore these brewing gems.

The Rise of Microbreweries: Crafting Excellence

What Is a Microbrewery? – Learn about the concept of microbreweries and their significance in the craft beer industry.

Microbreweries in Los Cabos aren’t just places to enjoy beer; they’re hubs of creativity and craftsmanship. Each brewery brings its unique flavors and styles to the table, offering a diverse array of beers that reflect the region’s spirit.

Microbreweries in Los Cabos

  1. Baja Brewing Company: Located in San Jose del Cabo, Baja Brewing Company is one of the pioneers of the craft beer scene in Los Cabos. Their beers, such as Cabotella and Peyote Pale Ale, have become local favorites.

Baja Brewing Company – Explore Baja Brewing Company’s beer selection, locations, and events.

  1. Cervecería Ramuri: Situated in Cabo San Lucas, Cervecería Ramuri offers a range of innovative and traditional beers, often inspired by Baja California’s unique flavors and culture.

Cervecería Ramuri – Discover Cervecería Ramuri’s beer offerings, taproom, and events.

  1. Brewmasters: Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Brewmasters serves up a variety of craft beers and often features guest brews from other local breweries.

Brewmasters – Explore Brewmasters’ beer selection and taproom.

  1. Baja Brewing Company (San Lucas Brewery): This branch of Baja Brewing Company in Cabo San Lucas offers a lively atmosphere and a wide selection of craft beers.

Link 5: Baja Brewing Company – San Lucas Brewery – Learn more about their location and beer offerings.

Craft Beer Tasting Experiences

  1. Brewery Tours: Many microbreweries in Los Cabos offer guided tours where you can learn about the beer-making process, from brewing to bottling.

Los Cabos Brewery Tours – Discover brewery tour options and plan your visit.

  1. Beer Tastings: Enjoy flights of craft beers at local breweries, allowing you to savor a variety of styles and flavors in one sitting.

Los Cabos Beer Tasting Tours – Find beer tasting experiences and reviews from fellow travelers.

Bringing Home the Brews

  1. Bottle Shops: Some microbreweries have bottle shops where you can purchase your favorite brews to enjoy during your stay or take home as souvenirs.

Bottle Shops in Los Cabos – Find bottle shops in Los Cabos and their offerings.


Los Cabos’ microbreweries offer a delightful departure from the traditional beach vacation. Exploring these craft beer havens allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, savor unique flavors, and share memorable moments with fellow beer enthusiasts. Whether you’re sipping a refreshing ale at a brewery’s taproom, embarking on a brewery tour, or bringing home a taste of Los Cabos in a bottle, your craft beer tasting tour promises to be a highlight of your visit to this stunning destination. Cheers to the vibrant world of craft beer in Los Cabos!